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Was bedeutet der Name Konstantina?

Der weibliche Vorname Konstantina bedeutet die Standhafte.

Woher kommt der Name Konstantina?

Konstantina ist die weibliche Form des männlichen Vornamen Konstantin und leitet sich aus dem lateinischen Wort „constare“ ab, was standhalten bedeutet.

Wann hat Konstantina Namenstag?

Der Namenstag für Konstantina ist am 21. Mai und am 22. Mai.

Spitznamen & Kosenamen

Konsti / Tina / Dina / Konsti / Koko / Konsi / Konsi / Konny / Kokko / Konstel / Ina / Konie / Katie / Konna


  • constare = standhalten (Lateinisch)


Lateinisch, Griechisch


Römischer Beiname

Ähnliche Vornamen

Formen und Varianten

Constantina /

Männliche Form


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Heiß selber so und ich werde auch koni genannt
Konstantina | am 26.03.2022 um 21:15 Uhr
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I know a girl called Konstantina, she’s an internet friend and she lives in Greece.
Konstantina is beautiful. When I first saw her face, i was in a state of shock, because damn. She looks like a goddess. She’s very small. I like that. Her body is beautiful, and her soul is golden. She gets shy when you compliment her, because sometimes she’s having trouble seeing in herself what I can see. She knows I love her though.
She’s a loving person. She listens to me when I’m feeling sad, even if she’s not feeling good herself, somehow she always understands me, when i don’t even understand myself and i know every one else would find me weird for it. She’s the person i trust the most. And she forgives even the worst mistakes. She makes everything better. If something goes wrong, somehow she always does the right things. She takes care of everybody around her and she doesn’t ever expect anything from anyone.
Her name means: ‘constant’ or ‘steadfast’
And that she is: my steady love. The one that never left, that always made me want to stay and that always made me feel needed somehow. She has always been there when needed.
She is also so strong. She’s been through the worst, still dealing with way more shit than I’d want her too, and still, she is always so nice. She never gives up, even if things are shit, she’ll look for a way to make it better again. She gets frustrated when things are out of her hand.
I used to get jealous of the perfection she is and how everyone loves her; but honestly, I’m so happy I met this person. She makes me feel happier and better about myself. She never stops complimenting and making me laugh.
She’s good at so many different things,
She’s my only angel, my best friend, my soulmate, I will always love her.
Whale | am 07.05.2018 um 21:30 Uhr
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Ich heiße selber konstantina komme selber aber aus Griechenland
Konstantina | am 01.09.2017 um 18:22 Uhr
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